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Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)



Ambient Assisted Living can be defined as that branch of science directed to extend the time during which people and elderly people can live independently in their preferred environment with the support of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies).

In the last years in Europe this concept focused the target on elderly people due to the increasing quality of life and subsequently with the growing number of aged people, as can be seen from the iamge below. Furthermore the AAL is directed to disabled people embracing also elder with different pathologies.   


AAL enhances the quality of life basing on all technological fields that can be helpful, underlining with high priority fields such as: 1) microelectronics and microsystems, 2) embedded systems, 3) energy generation and control technologies, 4) new materials, 5) human machine interfaces, communication, 6) Software, web & network technologies.

Using these technologies the AAL products and services can be realized in different areas like: robotics, health care, medical devices, geronto-techologies, wellness, services, smart home, smart textiles, and consumer-electronics.

BIOROBOTICS Joint Laboratory

Korean Institute Science & Technology (KIST)

Room # 8309, International Cooperation Building (L8)

39-1, Hawolgok-dong, Sungbuk-gu

Seoul 136-791, South Korea


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